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My first Reliability blog post

Hey Internet, after some thinking and encouragement from part of my office colleagues, I decided to start this reliability blog. It is still unclear to me what will be the result of this experiment.
nt, but hopefully we will discover together as time goes by. I will like to share with you my reasons to start this blog:

Reliability Engineering evangelization

I am fairly new to the whole world of reliability engineering. A couple of years ago I started my discovery process on the reliability
engineering practices. Some of the concepts wer
e new, some other did sound familiar. As background I am a Mechanical Engineering, with some experienc

e into the quality and six sigma world.

One of the biggest problems to get people started into the reliability world, is the steep learning curve, and the sometimes, complex tools that the reliability engineer uses every day.

Turns out I am a data analyst with focus on statistical programming, and I enjoy applying some of the “old” reliability concepts to new problems and creating basic tools to get the people starting using this methods.

So I will like to share my thoughts to the community about reliability engineering, as well as tools on the topic to anyone interested.

Is the space saturated already with enough blogs about reliability topic? Is the whole reliability engineering/analysis world relevant enough? Do we really need more tools to spread the word? I am interested in your opinion.


Is anybody out there?

I’ve been wondering for some time if there is enough people interested in this niche, reliability analysis, to actually create a small community.

I do believe that reliability engineering, and more precisely reliability analysis, can make the world a better place. Yeah… that sounds cheese… but how? As I see if something can help to make inform better decisions based on engineering knowledge and data, were are better off talking more about it.

Writing skills

As you probably have notice by now, English is not my first language – is Spanish. I am quite bad at writing and structuring text in English. Therefore some writing improvements are more than welcome. Since practice and repetition turns out to be one of the things that work for me, forcing myself to write this blog might help me.

Be advice, this is an experiment!

This blog is my personal experiment. I’d like to test if I am able to write something minimally interesting about the reliability engineering world once a week for the next two months. Yeap, that’s it… 8 posts, that is my commitment. Afterwards I will re-evaluate and see how it goes. Kill it or persevere.

See you around!